Water  Vital Nutrition Body

Human can survive alive during several weeks without food,  but only can survive few days without waters. human body consists of 55-75 water percent. water is one of the shaper element base blood, digestion enzymes, urin, sweat,  and even implied in muscle network, fat,  and bone.

Because body can not keep water, so we have need intake fresh water to has replaced water that taked various body vital organ has been sweat, urin, dirt,  and others. total intake water whom we require to base on our body metabolism, air temperature, weather, food whom we are consumption and of course activities level whom we do.

Water pregnancy fact at body

Follow several water facts that implied in human body :

– water pregnancy at body more many in man than woman and will decrease along getting old.

– Majority adult takes around 2,5-3 water litre per day from the body. water expenditure will increase in hot wheater condition and old ones practice time.

– Older people who takes around 2 water litres per day from the body.

– Air transportation tools occupant will lose 1,5 water litres during three air trip first clocks. lose must be replaced fresh water.

– Usually food contains around 1 water litre and the rest must be got from drink.

Various body function wants water

as vital nutrition, water is wanted to:

– Watch over well-being and wholeness every cell in body.

– Watch over blood stream liquid level so that easier flows to pass blood vessel.

– help to cause the loss of leavings body metabolism result, superlative electrolyte, for example sodium, potassium,  and urea that be processing result remainder protein food.

– regulate body temperature passes process sweats.

– watch over the mucous membrane humidity, like for example found at lung and mouth.

– baste and protect hinges.

– decrease disease risk cystitis with watch over urine poke frees from bacteria.

– help digestion and prevent constipation.

– work as moisturizer to repair texture and skin appearance.

– bring various nutrition and oxygen in corpuscle.

– work as silencer cushion in eye organ, spine and poke amniotik fetus in pregnancy process.

Water pregnancy in food

in general aqueous food, even that seen hard and dry even if. body can get intake water until one-third the need from food. ingestion self also produce water as remainder result and can supply around 10 body need percents water. the rest need must be got from liquid.


Dehydration happens when water pregnancy degree in body too low. this condition preventable with increase intake  liquid. dehydration phenomenons including headache, dizzy, weary, gloomy, low response power, dry nose channel, dry lip and broken, urin coloured too yellow or dark, weak body, tired,  and hallucination. final can not take outside urin, kidney fails to work,  and body doesn’t can to throw away result leavings toxic metabolism process. and even in condition that extreme can cause death. several dehydration causes including :

– product increase sweat because hot weather, humidity, sport,  or fever.

– less drink water.

– less the good body signal mechanism work in seniors, up to sometimes seniors is not feeling while in a condition dehydration.

– the increasing of product urin because hormone deficit condition, diabetes, in therapy or morbid kidney.

– experience diarrhea or vomit.

– in a period of singe convalescence.

When increase intake liquid?

If you will not imbibe enough water so calculus risk will increase and in channel infection risk woman urin will increase. also found several proofs the increasing of risk several cancercous kinds belongs cancer contains urine and colon cancer. condition less will drink also will demote physical performance and way of thinking and gland function saliva.

People who needs intake water more many, belong  including :

– they are that endure to diet food berprotein tall

– they are that endure to diet tall fibrous food, because liquid helps to prevent constipation

– they are that belong children

– they are that is sufferring disease so that must vomit or diarrhea;

– they are mobile physically

– they are that must face wheater condition and warm temperature or hot

– they are that belong manula berkondisi dehydration.

Aged people who older inclined risky experiences dehydration. condition caused by:

– change in kidney function along getting old

– change hormonal

– oftentimes felt not thirsty (caused by mechanism in body that give thirsty taste signal hasn’t work maximal along increase it age);

– in therapy (therapy for example menguretik and laxative);

– is sufferring chronic disease

– mobility very low.

Dehydration in baby and children

Children can very susceptible with dehydration condition especially if is sufferring ill. the example vomit, fever,  and diarrhea can swiftly make baby experience dehydration. condition can very endanger baby welfare. if you detect a dehydration condition in children or baby, so soon bring to hospital closest. several dehydration phenomenons in children belongs including :

– skin was cold

– seen weary

– dry mouth

– head bone anatomy condition (fontanelle) that depress

– colour people a little blue because circulation indolent

Surplus intake water (hyponatremia)

Reserve with various condition on, drink too much also can botch body and causes hyponatremia. this condition is known with decreased it degree sodium in blood up to level very low and endanger. sodium need in contraction muscle and in nerve impulses delivery. if too much drink water so kidney doesn’t can to take outside enough liquid. water surplus can aim to headache, blurred opinion, cramps (up to final stiff), brain swells, comma,  and in the end death.

to achieve level surplus, can be caused to drink water overs do up to several litres a day. water surplus condition usually happen in people who suffers special diseases or ill way of thinking (for example in a few split personality case) and in baby that given to eat food formula baby too liquid.

Water and sport performance

Athletes must drink 500 ml water two clocks before in action in a sport match. then must drink again 300-500 ml water every 30 minutes during match. but of course athletes lower activities must not so much. temporary athletes that match with physical activities intensity tall in a condition temperature or warm weather or hot of course need asupan liquid more amount of.

Retention urin

Many people will believe if many consuming waters will causes retention urin. while the fact exactly on the contrary. drink water makes body can to clean self from surplus sodium, cause to decrease it retention urin. body will hold liquid in body if water pregnancy in cells too a little. if body gets asupan water regularly, so unnecessary body keeps water and hence will decrease retention urin.

Total intake water that suggested

Very suggested to consuming 6-8 glass (each 150 ml) waters or various liquid kind every day. this consumption is suggested for them less beraktifitas physical, manula, stay in temperature or cold weather,  and many consuming food contains juicy. consumption more than 8 glass a day wanted by them that belong mobile beraktifitas physical, children, stay in temperature or warm weather or hot,  and mothers give suck (that need 750-1,000 ml liquid addition).

Liquid sources

Liquid including belong fresh water and the others likes juice, light drink (soft drink), coffee, tea, milk,  and soup. fresh water is best drink because doesn’t calorific and contain fluoride both for tooth. temporary milk belongs important (especially for children) and tea can be antioxidants that can oppose heart sickness and cancer. fresh fruits better than fruit juice because contains more many fibers and nutrition with contain slimmer sugar. light drink (soft drink) best is avoided because calorie pregnancy and tall sugar but low nutrition pregnancy.

Mineral water contains salt

Several mineral water kinds many contain salt that can make retention urin, puffed up,  and even increase blood pressure in certain person. limit mineral water consumption total or choose low kind sodium (less than 30 mg sodium per 100 ml mineral water).

Important to remember

– Water of vital importance for many body functions;

– Body can not accommodate water and hence need asupan fresh water every day;

– Dehydration condition very threaten baby welfare and want medical treatment as soon as it;

– Very suggested to consuming around eight glasses of water per day to prevent dehydration


For 4 portions
Typical italian easy snack engineering in accordance with the topping tastes. well, this time we made with shrimp topping. Choose shrimp that are still fresh. So that its intricate texture and sweet, it still feels


–   1 cm pieces @ 40k french bread (French bread), cut oblique 1 cm

–   2 tbs extra virgin olive oil to spread

–   ¼ tablespoon garlic dissolved

–   1 spoon leaf parsley / chopped celery

–   75 grams of medium size shrimp, peeled and boiled until cooked redness,

–   150 grams of Mozzarella, cut 4 x 1 x ½ cm

–   1 tablespoon (15 g) olive oil / oil goring

–   1 ½ tablespoon (15 g) wheat flour

–   60 ml of liquid low-fat milk (low fat milk) / soybean fresh susu

–   ¼ teaspoon

–   ½ spoon the sugar

–   ½ spoon pepper powder

–   50 ml mayonnaise sauce

–   75 g shrimp, peeled, boiled until cooked and redness, cut ½ cm

–   ½ fruit (30 g) dispose of a red tomato seed it, chopped

–   Paprika ¼ fruit green waste his seed, chopped

How to create:

1. Heat oven 180 C. Mixed olive oil, garlic, and parsley / celery.

2. Spread: heat olive oil / oil in frying pan goring above the fire are, enter the wheat flour at a time, stirred until little brown quickly. While entries milk stirred a little bit. stirred to coagulate. Add salt, sugar and pepper powder, poke, lift after the cold, enter the mayonnaise, shrimp, tomatoes, paprika, poke average

3. Set the bread on the top brass zwieback roast in oven until the surface mongering (5minutes) remove
4. Spread bread with olive oil mixture, Justify spread on top of dough, place 1-2 pieces of shrimp, add sliced Mozzarella cheese to melt roast (5-10 minutes), lift. Serve hot.


How to handle leaves Delinquent

“Leaf so essential element in Anthurium. Uuntuk that the existence of this never escape from the special care and attention. All the way done in order to maintain health and life”

Several months ago, someone buy cobra youth with the price of Rp 3 million rupiah.  As a beginner hobbys, people confess still confused what to do and not what he should do. In that case, the method of knowing that very minimal. For him, sprinkling and fertilization may have been enough to indulge anthurium.

But a few weeks one, not the beauty that he can, begin it leaves visible cloudiness. The original green leaf, the more slowly and yellow curls. See the incident, the people was panic. Seemingly not know what he did, and the intensity of sprinkling fertilization is even added, in order to meet the nutritional needs of plants.

Bad luck, not healing and well-being that he can, some days one, leaves start changing anthurium solid yellow and finally fall. Pain radiated clearly disappointed in the face. Section, not the price that people repentance, to hope that plants  grow large and can not be perfect. Isn’T good growth, reaching seven-leaf plants are not able to survive.

problem faced people that you also may have experienced. Especially for the new few months the king leaves origin is Brazil. Lack of knowledge about the care up to the pattern and intensity sprinkling fertilization, creating expectations of Anthurium on something so disappointing. In fact, high prices, not rarely make someone so paranoid of the treatment

“Some people put the expensive plants in this room for special quarantined and dissociate in contact with other people or other types of plants, so that the plant is not damaged”

Unfortunately, actions taken in excess without any knowledge of foundation this is not recommended. For, reasonable the other plants, Anthurium life can not be separated from environmental factors and air circulation is good.

Environmental factors usually affect the temperature, temperature, humidity and lighting system up to the environment. Meanwhile, the air circulation system, including the wind and go out and scale the wind speed is suggested. A good lighting system is about 60%, with the humidity and high temperatures tend to be between 200 to 270 C. Therefore if you want to quarantined Anthurium, should see some of these requirements if you do not want to upset in the future.

In addition to creating a paranoid Anthurium quarantined, over treatment is also not that good for Anthurium. Intention-hearted might want to spoil Anthurium, but who even suspected this action so that Boomerang can attack plants at any time.

Generally, signs that often appear on the leaves caused because the treatment is over so leaves change color yellow. Next, the yellow leaves that slowly change color so dry and brown. If the stage is already happening, then in a matter of a few days, leaves will be damaged and perforated.

” Nothing can be done to deal with leaves that are yellow, other than waiting the coming new leaf and avoid repeated occurrence of this leaves the other “

“Therefore, before deciding as Anthurium plant that will be maintained, would that if you find a little information about the treatment. Because, in general, tend Anthurium is easy-easy to difficult. If you already know how, Anthurium delightful treat. And vice versa, without knowing the care, maintenance activities often be frustrating

Heat intensity and Fertilizers

Yellow leaves on Anthurium not always good. If the type of variegata yellow even more expensive, but if the yellow color due to illness on Anthurium can lower the selling price and prestige. Too often contemplate the sun and too much fertilizer so one of the suspected causes of yellow leaves change. “Like food, all that excess is not good.

That is different from the type variegata, which appear yellow because of illness appear different. If the type of variegata yellow leaves that still looks fresh, yellow leaves on the sick will be seen more dismal. In addition, not infrequently on the surface of the leaves that sick yellow akan feels very rough, because of some of the damaged part.

“Fertilization basically do not need every days. Fair 1-2 times a week. The process of fertilization is usually done with the composition 10 CC fertilizer mixed with 8 liters of water and do not apling once in 4 days”

Please note, this process should be done properly and excess. For, if the rules without changing the plant will quickly yellow. In addition, the use of slow release fertilizer should be provided for once in 6 months.

Besides fertilization, sunlight and temperature extremes will change so yellow leaves. As well as skin burn, the sun can also damage the fragmentation and pigmentasi health Anthurium leaf. The time is right for the season is around the plant at 08.00 till 10:00, where the sun is not blazing. If this is not done, then the plants will be quickly damaged.

However, in addition to several factors, the yellow color on Anthurium also occur due to age factor. Generally, Anthurium already out of ear dnegan offset automatically changing the color yellow on the leaves.

How to Tips Caring Anthuriumanthurium

Anthurium have leaf colour green flavor can long hold out, many design type as colour red, pink white.

Not difficult

The anthurium flower have  beautiful  enchantment , with such anthurium must save to be good at organizing , however  some people anthurium have opinion, Anthurium leaf more easy take care, because anthurium leaf directed to leaf only, average anthurium  attention flower not only  at flower but leaf too

Take Care Anthurium good for flower or leaf must interest media plants, because of very important for flowering  root. “Don’t use land couse will bunch root with result that root difficult grower “

Roots that grow it will be seen from the condition of the plant., planting medium and pot must have a good circulation. Function, to avoid the fungus that often attacks the roots. use the preferred media Anthurium is a porous form of charcoal, a mixture of husk and cut fern. The goal is that the root-root of Anthurium is easy to grow and menyebar.cacah. The goal is that the root-root of Anthurium is easy to grow and spread. In addition, media replacement planting is required if the pot is too small for the growth of roots. Move the plant and its medium to a new pot and then add new media to meet pot. grow and spread.

“Why do we have to learn proper dance technique?”

Many dancers say to me when he took a good lesson and a private group that they just want to be a good social dancer and not a competitor, so why should they learn proper dance technique. I responded with this explanation, without using good technique in dance, you will not be a good social dancer. If you are not using the correct leg position, or the right posture that will make problems in balance and problems in the lead / follow, too. Usually when a movement is not working, it is because the wrong body position or other technical problems. I think that some people confused between the techniques and skills in a performance where a competitor trying to reach. Learn the true techniques will make you better enjoy a good dance you are the leader or follower. A good technique to make a dancer look more smoothly and help the flow of dance in general in its application.

“Am I supposed to do the warm-up before my dance lesson?”

Yes, of course you have to do stretching (flexing) before any dance classes or social dance. The muscles can become cold and stiff and can make you hurt if not careful. Stretching 5 minutes or more will help in the social dance as well.

It is very easy for the shoulder joint to injury for both men and women during the turn or follow the turn. Even the knee and hip joints can be injured due to a wrong turn or shoes that are not suitable for the dance floor.

Be careful with your body, enough to take a few minutes before class to do stretching and warming up.

Ideas for stretching such as:

* Shakes his head side to side, forward and backward, tilt the head to the left and right, to flex the neck joints
* Rotate the shoulders forward and backward and also encourage them to forward and backward can feel the correct posture dance
* Movement arms above her head and back
* Play the heel joints into and out so you do not make him injury
* The movement of the hip joint thigh forward and back to flex these joints


Surround yourself with fear, and live in security

Surround yourself with strength, and live in freedom

Surround yourself with love, and live in goodness.

Surround yourself with light, and live in the light that enlightens.

Who is your character so admirers? Whoever he was, I believe that figure is a remarkable figure who had managed to become a model for many people. The figure is, it must provide substantial benefits to life and the lives of many people. Well when he was still alive, or when he is gone. He became immortal in the essential meaning.

How did he-he’s doing?

So the stage is very worthy of their lives for us observe, thorough and Model. I am learning about life the way they found four stages of life. The first stage is a safe life. The second stage is a free life. The third stage of life. The fourth stage of life and a bright and illuminating.

The first phase – a safe life – is the lowest stage. In this life, we are safe. Financially secure, physically, socially, emotionally and even spiritually. Financially secure we can from a job or a good business. Our revenues continue to increase even good. Physically we are healthy. Protected in a good place to live. If sick, our financial strength to overcoming it. Socially, we favor friends, neighbors, co-workers / business. Anyone who knows us will call us as well. Emotionally, we can control emotions well. If any situation to make us angry, then there are people we can not scold and fight. Disappointment we really noticed anyone else. Spiritually, we dutifully worship.

So what’s wrong with a safe living like that? Is not that many people desire? Absolutely no one. Just not worth it. Why? Because of all the things that comes from securing the fear. We are financially secure, for fear of suffering. We are exercising for fear of being sick. We are well on the environment, for fear of hostile and so on. So something that obtained based on fear, we will continue to overcome fear losing these things. So we become afraid of people who lost property. Scared old and sick. Scared enemy. Fear of failure and disappointment. Afraid of sin. And so on. This is not wrong. Just not feasible for our noble people. We are worthy of a better life than that.

Well, life is better than living a life free safety. Free from what? Free from all kinds of fear. Free from all shackles of the material. What’s so great? The great thing is you can enjoy anything on you. For example money. If you have money, but afraid to lose, then you can not really enjoy it. The money that you are afraid to lose, it will imprison you. You undermined by your own fears. And when you are apart from the fear, then you take over power from your fear. So you become a stronger person. The force that makes you able to live in freedom.

Freedom is precious. The Indonesian people are willing to sacrifice wealth, family, energy, mind and even soul for freedom. Because the hero’s struggle that we become an independent nation. Free from imperialism. Freedom is the prerequisite of progress. There was no progress without freedom. So it is with us personally. Progress in the quality of us can only begin when we have strong and free. Quality is not the quality of material things. But it is the quality of the soul. The quality of our consciousness.

Yield strength of freedom. But freedom can too far. That’s because freedom should be limited. Unlimited freedom will only lead to ugliness. What limits? The limit is good. And really only good within the limits that we can truly live free. So that limited the freedom would lead to goodness love. Love is the power that leads only to the good. Our lives become a good life. Life in spite of all terror. Life is not bound by the material. Useful life for many people.

Good life full of love is the gateway to life and illuminating light. When we live only for good, then we become a person who glow. Our light not only illuminates our path, but also enlighten and lead the way for others. Why? Because if we do not have light, we can not illuminate the others. When the light that we have no light, then the way we were dim. Hence we need a bright light. The light of life and the lives of many people, not just when we live, but also when we were dead. Is that light? The light that has three names. First, a liberating force. Second, the love of our lives membaikkan. Third, solutions that improve lives. Our words and actions become the solution to the problems many people.

So we become the same person with the characters we admire.


August 2022